History Presentations:
The Women of Slabtown
History Presentation will take place at
McMenamins Tavern & Pool

1716 N.W. 23rd, Portland, OR 97210

Notable Women of Portland  2 pm

The story of Portland, Oregon, like much of history, has usually been told with a focus on male leaders. This book offers a reframing of Portland's history--starting from 10,000 years of Native American women, to pioneer women, to women of the Progressive Era, WWI, WWII, and post-war women, with additional chapters on Women in the Arts and Women in Politics. Many women made their mark and radically changed the Oregon frontier, including Native Americans Polly Johnson and Josette Nouette; pioneers Minerva Carter and Charlotte Terwilliger; doctors Marie Equi, Mary Priscilla Avery Sawtelle, and Bethina Owens-Adair; artists Eliza Barchus and Lily E. White; suffragists Abigail Scott Duniway, Hattie Redmond, and Eva Emery Dye; lawyer Mary Gysin Leonard; Air Force pilot Hazel Ying Lee; politicians Barbara Roberts and Margaret Carter; and authors Frances Fuller Victor, Beverly Cleary, Beatrice Morrow Cannady, Ursula Le Guin, and Jean Auel. These women, along with groups of women such as "Wendy the Welders," made Portland what it is today.

Zadie Schaffer, the co-author of Notable Women of Portland, is a Junior at Lincoln High School and recipient of a 2018 NW Examiner Award.

The Women and Children of Guild's Lake 3 pm

Tanya Lyn March, Ph.D. the owner of Slabtown Tours will lead this free history presentation.

Neighborhood History
Walking Tours
Anna Balch Waking Tour 1 pm 

Tanya Lyn March, Ph.D. the owner of Slabtown Tours will lead this free history walk.

Free Admission/All Ages